Mission Statement

Old Growth Records was born out of a deep contemporary need for culture that centers on the spirit of revolutionary music.

About Us

When Roots music is thriving we are all in a better place and this energy is needed now more than ever. As an artist-centric, vinyl-only label, we are focused on bringing a higher consciousness through inspired music--whether in the ghettos and slums of the world, or on your nearest dancefloor. In a late-stage Capitalist system, your most important daily vote is with your dollar. So when you support OG Records you are directly supporting those artists who have given their lives to the struggle.

Who We Are

Born in the Pacific Northwest, USA in 2021, OG Records represents a community of individuals committed to working together to help use music as a tool for social revolution. Music is our weapon and we choose to fight the battles to come through higher levels of reasoning and spiritual upliftment. We believe the soundtrack of our lives--the musical and cultural vibrations that imbue our daily voyage through this existence--is a direct reflection of our paths that led us here and where we are headed.